About Us

We are three friends, which are huge fans of mobile games. All of us studied computer science and we really like to code, also to make our own games on unity. However, someday we were sitting together and one of us played Clash of Clans. He just pressed the “buy” button in order to get some more gems. It was me who then said: “Why would you even buy it for real money? Just code your own bot or take a look into the source code of the game” and this is how it all started.

free simoleons and simcash for sims mobile
This is just an example how we hacked Sims Mobile.

Soon we figured out almost all games are using the same way of in-game purchases. It is all the same mechanism. We couldn’t believe how easy it was to cheat and hack Clash of Clans. Soon we had several accounts we gems, which are worth thousands of dollar. It was fun to dominate the whole game and we kept making hacks for other games as well. Clash Royale, Real Racing, Need for Speed, Pokemon Go…all of them could be hacked…and we did it.

Now we make all our tools available for free. If you want to use them simply run the online generator. You don’t need to download or install anything. We won’t have access over your account or device. The online generator simply connects to the database of the game and changes certain values.

If you want to contact us do it on here.

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